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Need a secured Loan but have been declined due to poor credit? Select this category to compare secured home loans with bad credit. These are our recommended sources of finance options for needs such as getting your bills paid on time.

To find a list of lenders of personal loans for people with bad credit, click this category. If you are a tenant then you can still get a personal loan - even if you have adverse credit or CCJs. They are a good option since they are paid off quite fast.

Did you apply for a credit card but were denied due to a CCJ or your credit score? These companies can help, whatever your credit rating may be. Select this category to compare poor credit credit cards that we recommend and you can apply online with.

If you’ve been refused a mortgage because of adverse credit or CCJ’s then do not fret as there are still people who can help. You can apply online today for the lowest rate quote and get the mortgage or remortgage you are after.

Smart minded individuals will want to educate themselves about possible borrowing options, credit cards, credit repair and other financing options. This is no problem as we have an extensive article resource in this category.

Have an unexpected bill to pay but your payday is on the distant horizon? Select this category to find a list of providers that will offer payday loans for bad credit. A payday loan typically entitles you to borrow an amount between �100 and �1000 to cover emergencies such as these.

If you require a Car loan and have an adverse credit rating then open this category to see a directory of lenders that focus on lending you bad credit car finance, a motorcycle loan as well as vehicle refinancing. Poor credit should not stop you getting the vehicle you need.

If you need to rebuild your credit rating then a Prepaid credit card is a good option. You don’t even need a bank account to apply for one so check out this category to compare prepaid cards online now.

Been denied a contract mobile phone due to your poor credit history, CCJ’s etc? Follow this guide to find out your best chance of being approved for a mobile phone contract and apply online today.

For those who wish to turn their adverse credit into a better credit rating then choose this category for a list of companies that can help you get your credit back to what it should be. There are ways to remove these marks from your credit report and thus raise your score. You can be back to normal in no time.

Bad Credit getting you down?

Adverse credit

No matter how bad your credit situation is, can help you improve your credit rating. It is your one stop source for personal loans for people with bad credit, secured loans, payday loans, mortgages & remortgages, unsecured loans, car loans, credit cards or credit reports.

Our team of experienced professionals can help you to solve all your credit problems - even if you have really bad credit. We can help homeowners, tenants and students alike. Our company maintains an extensive directory of poor credit lenders, credit report, mortgage and credit card providers which we strive to continually update to ensure you have the best resources available.

We all know how easy it can to be to get late with bill payments, how quickly you can get buried in debt, and how frustrating it can be to always be denied for credit cards, mortgages or loans due to adverse credit, CCJs etc. Here at BetterCredit we have sought the most reputable companies to help with your credit needs, improve your credit rating and what’s more, we’ve developed unique relationships with these companies. Thanks to our diligent research, we offer you the most comprehensive listing of bad credit lenders currently available online. Whether you require a loan with bad credit, a credit card, a personal loan, to remortgage your house, a fast loan, a small loan, car financing or a free credit report, BetterCredit is the only place you will ever need.

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