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Payday loans explained

11th January 2010

Many of you ask, what is a 'payday loan'? A simple answer is that a payday loan is a small loan that does not come from a bank. This loan is generally repaid on the borrowers' payday. Now it does not have to be in the same week that you borrow or even the week after. Most 'Payday' loan companies give you up to 31 days to repay the loan. Other people might ask, what are the interest rates? Payday loans do not usually charge interest, but have a 'processing fee'. This fee is about 29.95 for every 100 that you borrow. This fee does not have to be repaid until the day the loan is to be paid.

A lot of people ask, what if I have adverse credit, no credit, or do not own my own home? To payday loan companies, that is all information they don't care about. How do I repay a payday loan? When you go and apply in person the company has you write them a check for the amount you borrowed plus the fee. They then have you date it up to 31 days away. If the loan is not repaid by the day on the check they cash the check. If you do it over the internet they take the money out of your account on the day it is to be paid.

It is always best that if you use this form of lending that you go in to the office personally or make sure the place truly exists. If they don't have an office it is best to avoid that particular site. The reason I say this is that there are a lot of people trying to make a quick "buck" for little to no work. I don't want anyone to fall victim to another scam or form of identity theft.

In this time of mortgage crisis people are turning to payday loans to ensure they can make their monthly housing payment. Just remember to only borrow if you can make the payments and borrow responsibly.

With most having minimum requirement of making only 300 a week, having a banking account, only having to be 18 years of age, and promises of if you apply now money will be direct deposited in your account the day you apply, who wouldn't want to sign up for it. On most payday lenders you can borrow up to 1000. Let's do the math here real quickly to help you figure the cost. We will say you take a loan of 500. Add the fee of 29.95 per 100 which equals 149.75 for a grand total of 649.75.

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