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Prepaid cards get prepared

21st April 2010

Companies reveal a variety of ways for consumers to top up their cards

Both prepaid credit card companies and finance experts anticipated a steep rise in the value of transactions carried out on prepaid cards every year in Britain. Research has shown that prepaid card companies have been doing their part to ensure that consumers have a variety of ways to send and receive money as people from all walks of life begin to see the benefit of prepaid cards.

In the few years that prepaid cards have been around on the UK market, the methods of use have increased significantly, making the services practical and accessible to thousands. The boost of online banking and the increase in the amount of people who have access to the Internet in the UK (60% of houses in 2006, with numbers rising) has only added to the appeal of prepaid cards, which are mainly Internet-based and cut out paper statements altogether.

With the principal of prepaid cards being you only have access to the money you have topped up, there has been a requirement for a variety of platforms for prepaid card users to add funds to their account.

One of the biggest revolutions in prepaid credit card top-ups has been a brand called PayPoint. The chain, which operates in newsagents and small High Street stores up and down the country, allows consumers to take their card for a top-up or to obtain a voucher code to do so online - making adding funds efficient, accessible and instant. The Post Office has also become a medium for topping up prepaid card balances.

For those who wished to have ways to add high amounts of money to their account on a frequent basis, there is the opportunity to add money to a prepaid card balance via a credit or debit card. Alternatively, transfers can be established so part or all of an income stream can go directly into an account.

If all of these methods aren't enough, it is understood by this website that prospects for new methods of topping up prepaid cards in the future are inevitable and highly exciting. With big credit card companies pushing forward the revolution of mobile phone payments, it is more than likely that funds could become accessible to you at the touch of a button - directly from your pocket. Prepaid cards could look set to go the distance, in this recession and beyond.

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