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Bad credit mobile phones

If you want to apply for a mobile phone contract, almost all providers will require that you undergo and pass a credit check, to ensure there is little risk that you are able to keep up with the monthly payments. So if you have bad credit history, CCJ's etc, this could be somewhat of an issue.

However, there is no need to fret because there are a select few major network providers with whom if you apply to directly you will have the best chance of getting yourself a mobile phone contract with bad credit. The two companies below typically have a much higher rate of approval for those of us with a poor credit rating. Its been reported that if you have a  Read More...
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T-Mobile is generally considered to be a good option for those with bad credit history. They do check your credit history so its not guaranteed to pass though. It has been discussed in a few forums, that it is advisable to apply directly on their website rather than through a third party retailer for the best possible chance of being accepted for a contract mobile. Use the link here to go direct to their website and apply.

The best option to go for with T-Mobile is their Pay Monthly Sim Only tariff - quite a few people have been known to apply with success for this particular package despite having poor credit history.

Depending upon your particular circumstances, T Mobile may offer you a tariff with a several restrictions for the first 2 months (no multimedia messages, no access to the internet, no international calls). However, once those first two months have passed and are fully paid for, these restrictions will be removed. Since you will have access to everyday tariffs, these limitations are not unreasonable.

T-Mobile also offer SIM only deals which can be the best option for those with adverse credit.


O2 are another mobile phone network who are more tolerant when it comes to those with bad credit history, and once again it is recommended to apply directly on their website. O2 operate a deposit system whereby if you have had some past credit issues, they will ask you for a deposit in advance which they will later refund back to you three months into the contract (assuming you pay the first 3 months bills on time).

The amount you will be asked to pay will depend on your own individual circumstances and can vary. With so many people now suffering from credit problems, this is an understandable safety precaution on their part. Although you are not guaranteed for acceptance, it is certainly worth applying to O2 because they may well accept you.

Also if you have already been a O2 customer in the recent past and want to apply for an Apple iPhone, O2 staff have been instructed not to run your details through a credit check as they are already familiar with your account.


Orange is a good second option if you'd prefer not to go with T-Mobile since they do accept many applicants, even if they have bad credit history and have fantastic options for contract mobile. Orange have a large range of handsets and different contract deals so are a great option.

Orange is a hugely successful network with great coverage. Also, don't forget that the iPhone is coming soon to the Orange mobile network! So if you need to get an iPhone bad credit shouldn't worry you.

Similar with 3 Mobile, it will depend on the applicant's individual circumstances as to whether they will be approved or not. However, there have been many cases where individuals with less than perfect credit have been able to attain a contract mobile with Orange.

Orange also offer a good range of SIM only contracts which has a great chance of acceptance if you have poor credit.

3 Mobile

3 Mobile have been consistently at the forefront of new mobile technology in the UK; not only were they the first 3G network in the country, they were also the first to launch a video mobile network in 2003 and continue to grow from strength to strength.

In their efforts to firmly establish themselves as a leading global network operator, they are very keen to take on as many customers as they can - which of course includes those with bad credit history.

It will depend on your own particular individual circumstances as to whether you will actually be approved or not, but many people with poor credit have been able to acquire a contract phone with 3 Mobile.

Anyone can apply to 3 mobile providing that you:

  • have a bank account
  • are 18 or over
  • have a debit/credit card

Similarly to T Mobile, 3 do not openly advertise that they are more lenient in providing bad credit history mobile phone contracts. This is so that are not flooded with applications from people with adverse credit history, and also because of the stigma that this would give their brand.

Bad credit mobile phones

(Continued) debit card as well as a bank account then your chances are increased for successful application. The network provider will utilise your debit card details as proof of your identity and will set up a direct debit from your bank account for the montly contract payments.

An alternative solution is to opt for a SIM only contract. This is highly likely to be approved since it is deemed less risk since no handset is included in the deal. Good options for this are T-Mobile and Orange.

If you have been refused already from other networks or any of those above then try T-Mobile as they are by far most likely to accept those of us with adverse credit history. Many networks are now offering the iPhone 5. Bad credit doesn't need to be a problem any more.

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