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Articles about Payday Loans

How the future could be brighter for consumers with payday loans

Payday loans have been excellent for those who need a quick fix following on from a shortfall in their credit. However, some experts believe that even more could be done to help the target market who take advantage of payday loans every so...

Payday loans explained

Many of you ask, what is a 'payday loan'? A simple answer is that a payday loan is a small loan that does not come from a bank. This loan is generally repaid on the borrowers' payday. Now it does not have to be in the same week that you...

Payday loans - fair by trade, not by nature

The office of fair trading seeks review of hefty payday...

Where can you find payday loan advice?

Due to the recent recession, a rising number of people are now unable to access loans from traditional high street banks, so many of them are now turning to companies that offer small amounts of cash quick. But with numerous different...

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