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Prepaid CardsLimitMonthly FeeTypeUnder 18ATM FeeCostMore Info
ClearCash Card PAYG
£5000 £0 No £0.75 £4.95
ClearCash Pay As You Go icount (NEW and enhanced!!) Features – embossed card for cardholders, additional cardholder functionality. Individual account number and sort codes for each applicant. Low purchase fee and low transaction fees as well as speedy card delivery!
APS CashPlus Card
£5000 £4.95 Yes* £2.00 £4.95**
Interested in the exclusivity of a gold card? but can't manage to get credit? Then this is the card for you. The new cashplus Gold prepaid is a pay as you go MasterCard with 100% acceptance guaranteed. No credit checks will be carried out and no bank account required.
* Primary cardholder must be 18+, but additional cardholders can be 13+
** Free when you load a min of £10.
ClearCash Pay Monthly Card
£5000 £9.95 No £0.50 £4.95
Features - Unique card which is a great alternative to a bank account. Individual account number and sort codes, embossed cards, additional cardholders. Direct Debit facility, bill payment and standing order functionality as well as credit repair facility through Creditbuilder (provided by Advanced Payment Solutions). Just one monthly fee and no transaction fees!
£3500 £0 Yes £1.50 £7.50
With a BREAD Prepaid Maestro® Card you can enjoy all the perks of a Maestro® card but with no interest payments, no credit check and no surprises. With your BREAD Card makes its no problem to pay for whatever you require. Use it for day to day purchasing wherever the you see the Maestro® brand mark displayed.
Card Onebanking
£25,000 £12.50 No £0.00 £30.00
Onebanking is both a Prepaid credit card and a banking facility that's open to all - no matter what your current situation or credit history may be. You will also get a personal account manager to aid in managing your money.
Splash Card
£1600 £0 Yes £1.50 £5.00
Splash is the UK's first and original reloadable Chip & PIN prepaid Maestro® card. It functions in much the same fashion as a pay as you go mobile phone; it can be topped up with cash at over 34,000 locations across the nation, transfer money from a bank account to your prepaid card or have your wages paid directly from your employer to your card. Spend without fear of fraud or debt at millions of retailers online or on the high street. You can even use it to withdraw cash straight from ATMs. Maestro is the most widely accepted payment brand in the UK.

Prepaid Cards

These cards are a relatively new option for people who may find it difficult to obtain a traditional credit card. A prepaid card works in a different way to a debit or credit card as you have to load money onto the card beforehand, and you can only spend up to the value that has been loaded onto the card. However, they have the convenience of credit cards as they can be used anywhere in the world where either MasterCard or Maestro cards are accepted, dependant on which merchant operates the card.

Prepaid credit cards can also be purchased as a gift for a third party and some of the cards are reloadable, which means that you can top them up by cash or bank transfer. People who don't have a bank account can find prepaid cards an advantage as they only need details of their name and address and proof of ID in order to obtain one. Also there are no credit checks carried out so even if you have very bad credit you should be able to acquire one.

When shopping around for credit cards, please bear in mind that numerous applications could affect your credit history. It is best to check out the cards available to you before applying. Many credit card companies set out their requirements on their websites, and also give details of interest rates, credit limits and repayment terms, the cost of the card (some are free to purchase) enabling you to look for a card that suits your needs.

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